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Jennie was born in Augusta, GA and grew up being influenced by her parents love of Christian and Country music.

Jennie was nominated by the Josie Awards in Dollywood as “female rising star of the year” for modern country music and a songwriting achievement nomination for single “Move On," which is currently being rerecorded.

   "I love old classic country music and my original songs sound more like that time in country music history mixed with modern alternative rock. The songs are a lot of fun!"       Jennie Angel

Jennie went through school playing music on clarinet, saxophone, flute, tuba, voice, piano, and guitar, earning her multiple medals from NYSSMA. She has been writing songs since she was 13 years old and in college she would play open mics in Dallas. People loved her music. This encouraged Jennie to pursue music professionally and she has now released many original songs.

Jennie is a member of the Academy of Country Music, CMA and multiple other musical organizations that support women in the music industry.  

Check out her new singles on Spotify, and be sure to follow on all socials and watch out for more tour dates coming soon! 

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